Magic Led Business™️ 3 Day Online Event
The Replay of the 3 Day Online Intensive
Behold the only business framework in total service to the Feminine.
Why should purchase the replay to this event?
Because it feels true in your body.
Because you resonate.

One of the principles of
Magic Led Business™️ is we don't speak to the masculine mind.

I will not tell you what you are going to "get" or what problem I promise to solve.

We do not use tricks or discounts or gimmicks.
We do not manipulate or make you feel broken or less than.

Magic Led Business™️ is always in service to energy and an invitation to explore a deeper relationship with that energy.

Come for curiosity.
Come to spend time with me.
Come because you want to learn something new. 

How this works...

1. Complete the one-time payment for the replay

2. Get access to the replay inside the HOME App for 14 days

3. Book a call with our team to discuss whether the 18 month path is for you

4. If you continue on the path your payment for the replay will be applied to your investment.

If you do not continue, you will have 14 days to enjoy the material.


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